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Daniele Arturi


Domiziano Cristopharo


Mirella D'Angelo

Daniele Arturi: is an engineer with a passion for writing; in the recent years he has taken part as an extra in 3 horror films ('Tales to tell in the Dark' by Lorenzo Zanoni, '61: scorecard killer' by Poison Rouge and 'Confessions of a Necrophile girl' by Cristopharo) and, subsequently, he played two more as lead actor ('The house guest', 'Blue Sunset' both directed by Domiziano Cristopharo).

Domiziano Cristopharo: “The Italian baron of bold, sensual and extreme horror”, according to the international press. He’s been the first Italian director in years to try and revive the erotic/horror film genre. With more than 30 movies to his credit, he probably is the most prolific independent Italian director currently active. He has frequently been defined as a perfect mix of Dario Argento and Federico Fellini, for the vintage quality of his aesthetics, married to an extreme, shocking, and yet classic narrative style.

Both decided to dedicate this festival to the most exciting, shocking, underground side of cinema: the one that involves Horror and Sci-Fi movies, screened into the setting of Gran Canaria, an island as fascinating as mysterious!

Special guest/Juror 2022:

Itai Guberman: Itai is an Israeli-Australian independent filmmaker. He is a director, writer and producer. Itai is the CEO and Founder of MyIndie Productions Pty Ltd., an independent film production company working out Australia

Ivy recently ended a very successful festival run, having screened all over the world, including USA, Canada, Ireland, Kosovo and the Philippines, to name a few, and won a number of awards, including several Best Film Awards and two Best Director Awards for Guberman. Dolphin and Third Temple have also experienced successful festival runs.

Joe Graciano: Born and raised in Texas Joe Graciano has loved horror since he was a young kid growing up. Browsing the video rental stores even though he was too young to rent horror movies. He would stare at the tapes hopping to watch them one day. As he grew older he got involved with creating horror movies if it wasn’t writing he was trying to make films with his friends. He’s now a writer for the website Pophorror and author of the new anthology horror book “Out of the shadows” which is available to purchase.

Last, but not least, special juror and patroness of the event, we have Mirella D'Angelo, actress well known for the role of Livia in Tinto Brass' CALIGOLA or Circe in Luigi Cozzi's HERCULES, but consecrated to Olympus of horror with the iconic role of Tilde in Dario Argento's DARKNESS.

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